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Cfl Combine A ‘Fantastic Experience’ For Italian Prospects

TORONTO — An unforgettable experience. That’s how both Jordan Bouah and Alessandro Vergani described their four days in Toronto as guests of the Canadian Football League for the CFL Combine presented by New Era. A busy program of medical checks, ...

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The Most Popular Sports In Canada

There are several things that make Canada unique and interesting. The country’s great climate, a strong economy, low crime rate, and its proximity to the US make it one of the best places to visit or live in. But Canada’s ...

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Social Bonding Key Cause Of Football (Soccer) Violence

As World Cup fever sets in, increased hooliganism and football related violence are legitimate international concerns. Previous research has linked sports-related hooliganism to ‘social maladjustment’ e.g. previous episodes of violence or dysfunctional behaviour at home, work or school etc. However, ...

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Young Tennis Players Who Play Only One Sport Are More Prone To Injuries

Gifted young athletes are under increasing pressure to play only one sport year round. But a new Loyola University Health System study of 519 junior tennis players has found that such specialization increases the risk of injury. Researchers who analyzed ...

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Knowledge Of The Game Is Not An Advantage In Sports Gambling

Psychologists have traditionally characterized compulsive gambling as an “impulse control disorder,” and treated it by addressing the patient’s obsessive tendencies. But according to Prof. Pinhas Dannon of Tel Aviv University’s Sackler Faculty of Medicine and the Beer Yaakov Mental Health ...

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